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IT Outsourcing

With the rapid changes of the business environment, it requires the company to change its business process and followed by the changes in its IT solution. In this situation, they will usually employ existing staff resources to perform the changes. However, the reality is that when internal staff are reallocated to perform time-consuming project tasks, they are often unable to fulfill their usual job functions and the business is suffered. PT Mitra Infoparama offers outsourcing services to perform your IT operation while your IT personnel focus on the solution to your business.

Maintenance Services With high dependency of a Company to the Information Technology, the IT continuous system availability becomes very critical to the success of a smooth company operation. Hardware can be broken, Network equipment can failed to perform the task, and all those malfunctions will cause in a machine or system outage. All IT equipments need to be maintained in order to be able to perform in peak performance. PT Mitra Infoparama offers Maintenance Services to your Hardware and Software. 

IT Product Sales PT Mitra Infoparama as a sales company of IT products offers customer a high quality of service to delivery the customer needs. PC, server, printer spare parts, consumable IT products, and others are several products that we deliver to customer.

Strategic Services Provider (SSP) Continuous and non-disruptive availability of IT System is very key for all companies to run their business. MIP have been anticipating this requirement thru partnership with well-known IT principles, such as SUN and EPSON. By having this services partnership, MIP is able to deliver cost effective and high-available system to customers spread in almost all geographical areas in Indonesia.