Call Center

The Best Partner to Provide your IT Equipment and Resources

If you provide on-call support, your customers likely demand prompt assistance around the clock. Instead of utilizing an automated system or other cost cutting measure that negatively impacts customer satisfaction, We provide 24 x 7 call center to support our customer and dispatched to our operation personal to solve your problem everywhere with single point of contact.

By utilizing MIP Call center for your service dispatching needs, you ensure that every call is answered live – no exceptions. Whether it’s Christmas morning or 2:00 am on a Saturday night, our field service call center is available and ready to dispatch your calls.

With developers and IT personnel on staff, we have the system to monitor and create a ticket. So whether you need work tickets opened you can monitor the ticket in our system from everywhere as long as you connected to internet. When customers call, most won’t notice a difference between our call center and your office staff.

Where We Are

  • Head Office: Jl. Warung Jati Barat No. 41B, Kalibata, Pancoran, Jakarta 12740 - Indonesia
  • Phone: +62-21-2276.3190
  • Fax: +62-21-860.5785
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